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Police: Brother Kills Pregnant Sister, Unborn Baby, And Her Husband In Labor Day Shooting



GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio – A shooting broke out on Labor Day afternoon in Maple Heights, resulting in the death of a husband, wife, and their unborn child during what authorities describe as a “family dispute turned deadly shooting.”

The event took place at Stafford Park around 3:15 p.m. According to Police Chief Todd Hansen, a 30-year-old pregnant woman named Mercedes Iverson and her 31-year-old husband, Norbert Carter, lost their lives in the shooting. Additionally, a 13-year-old child suffered a grazing bullet wound in the incident.

Jason D. Iverson, the 29-year-old brother of Mercedes Iverson, has been identified as the alleged perpetrator.

Jason Iverson / Photo courtesy Maple Heights Department of Police

Eyewitnesses reported hearing heated arguments near parked cars just before the suspect shot his sister. Her husband attempted to flee toward the pavilion, but the assailant pursued him, eventually fatally shooting him as well.

Law enforcement officers apprehended Jason Iverson as he attempted to flee the scene. He is currently in custody and is expected to face charges of murder and attempted murder pending an arraignment.

The 13-year-old victim has received medical treatment for the grazing wound and has since been released from the hospital. Police have not disclosed the exact relationship between the teenager and the other family members involved.

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Notably, there was a separate church event taking place in the park at the same time as the shooting. Although these two incidents were unrelated, Police Chief Hansen described the situation as “chaotic” due to the park being filled with people celebrating the holiday when the gunfire erupted.


Police said the shooting was related to an ongoing family dispute.

“This incident was specifically between the shooter and the victims; there was no randomness to the event. The scene was rendered safe very quickly with the apprehension of the shooter,” said Maple Heights Police Chief Todd Hansen.

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