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Man Takes Hostages at Gas Station After Stepfather Found Dead, Ex Tied Up


Murder Suspect Dead After Allegedly Kidnapping Woman, Stealing Car And Then Taking 3 Hostages Inside Gas Station

A man suspected of murder in Ohio and involved in multiple carjackings in Kentucky met his end in a confrontation with West Virginia police at a gas station, where he had been holding three hostages.

The extensive search for David Maynard, 54, spanning multiple states, reached its conclusion late Saturday at a Speedway in a West Virginia town adjacent to the Ohio River. A sergeant, who happened to stop by the gas station, recognized Maynard as the suspect who had managed to evade troopers thus far, police said

When confronted, Maynard aimed his firearm at the sergeant, prompting the State Police Special Response Team to engage with local law enforcement. According to the release, a negotiator successfully secured the release of two hostages before Maynard requested a blanket be placed at the door for the third hostage.

Subsequently, as Maynard “exited the door and engaged” with members of the State Police Special Response Team, officers fired shots, as stated in the release. The West Virginia State Police conveyed that they could not provide further details on Sunday.

Maynard, hailing from Ironton, Ohio, succumbed to his injuries at a nearby hospital. Authorities reported the safe rescue of the third hostage, and no law enforcement officers sustained injuries during the incident.

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The manhunt initially commenced on Friday when Ironton police responded to a report of gunfire, discovering a 29-year-old woman bound with cords and Maynard’s 78-year-old stepfather deceased, as reported by WSAZ. Throughout the course of events, Maynard abducted two women at separate locations in Kentucky, with one of them managing to free herself and call 911 after reaching safety. He also stole both of their vehicles during this string of criminal activity.


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