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Man Sentenced For Abandoning Baby After MLB Pitcher’s Daughter Gave Birth In Woods


A 45-year-old man from New Hampshire has been sentenced to a minimum of one year in jail due to his involvement in endangering the life of a newborn baby. This incident occurred when the daughter of MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley gave birth in the woods last year during extremely cold temperatures.

George Theberge received his sentence on Monday after he entered a guilty plea for the misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. He had come to an agreement with prosecutors, resulting in an additional six months of imprisonment for violating probation from a prior arrest in January and a drug-related charge.

During the incident on December 26, the baby boy was left unattended in a tent for over an hour as temperatures dropped to 15 degrees. According to authorities, Theberge was referred to as the boyfriend of the baby’s mother, Alexandra Eckersley, 26. She is accused of abandoning her son without proper clothing or warmth. She pleaded not guilty to charges including assault and reckless conduct. She was granted bail and is expected to face trial next year.

Eckersley’s attorney stated that his client was unaware of her pregnancy, gave birth alone, called 911, and guided the police to the location of the baby. The lawyer explained that Eckersley faced medical complications during the process. Since then, she has completed rehabilitation programs, maintained sobriety, and regularly visits her son.


In response to her arrest, the Eckersley family released a statement explaining their lack of prior knowledge about Alexandra’s pregnancy. They acknowledged her lifelong struggle with mental illness and expressed their efforts to provide her with help and support.

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