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El Paso Walmart Shooter Agrees To Pay $5 Million To Families


Top row, from left: Javier Amir Rodriguez, Andre Anchondo, Jordan Anchondo, Juan de Dios Velazquez, Arturo Benevidez, Angelina Englisbee. Middle row, from left: Leonardo Campos, Elsa Mendoza De la Mora, David Johnson, Raul Flores, Maria Flores, Gloria Irma Marquez. Bottom row, from left: Maribel Hernandez, Margie Reckard, Maria Eugenia Legarreta Rothe, Sara Esther Regalado, Adolfo Cerros Hernandez, Jorge Calvillo Garcia. (NBC News)

The man responsible for the 2019 El Paso Walmart shooting, which claimed the lives of 23 people in a racially motivated attack against Hispanics, has agreed to provide restitution exceeding $5 million to the families of the victims.

In July, the 25-year-old assailant received a sentence of 90 consecutive life terms in prison after admitting guilt to federal hate crime charges related to the August 3, 2019 attack.

A legal document, titled “joint motion on agreed restitution,” was submitted on Monday in the Western District of Texas. It says the shooter has consented to pay a sum of $5,557,005.55 to the claimants. This motion was approved and signed by U.S. District Judge David C. Guaderrama. Joe Spencer, the shooter’s attorney, stated on Monday that his client “agrees to pay restitution in the amount of $5,557,005.55 to the claimants.”

During the attack, Patrick Wood Crusius traveled nearly 600 miles from North Texas to El Paso before opening fire on shoppers. In addition to the devastating loss of life, twenty-two people sustained injuries.


Moments prior to the assault, he posted a racist manifesto online, referring to an “invasion” of immigrants to the United States, the Justice Department said.

The shooter still faces a separate state trial in Texas, where he is charged with 23 counts of capital murder and could potentially face the death penalty.

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