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Deadly Listeria Outbreak Linked To Milkshakes From Burger Chain



3 Dead, More Hospitalized, After Drinking Milkshakes At Tacoma Burger Chain

Health authorities report that three people have died and another three have been admitted to hospitals due to consuming milkshakes tainted with Listeria bacteria from a Tacoma, Washington restaurant.

According to a statement by the Washington State Department of Health, investigators determined that the outbreak stemmed from improper cleaning of ice cream machines at a Frugals restaurant. The release highlighted that Listeria infection can manifest up to 70 days after consumption, and the implicated machines had been in use until August 7. The six affected individuals were hospitalized between February 27 and July 22. Genetic analysis of the Listeria strain present in the milkshakes confirmed it to be the same strain responsible for the hospitalizations, as confirmed by the health department.

Two of the survivors attested to having consumed milkshakes from the same Frugals establishment before falling ill.

“We are heartbroken and deeply regret any harm our actions could have caused,” Frugals said. “We are committed to making any changes deemed necessary to maintain our high standard of operations and prevent this from happening again.”

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Most people who eat food contaminated with Listeria will not get seriously sick, but people who are pregnant, aged 65 or older, and those with weakened immune systems should call their health care provider if they ate a Frugals’ Tacoma milkshake between May 29 and Aug. 7, 2023 and have Listeria symptoms (listed below). Listeria can be treated with antibiotics.

Genetic fingerprinting of bacteria in the milkshakes shows it’s the same strain of Listeria that hospitalized six people between Feb. 27 and July 22 (five people in Pierce County and one person in Thurston County). All six people had conditions that made their immune systems less able to fight disease. Three of the six people hospitalized died. Two people who were hospitalized, but did not die, said they ate Frugals’ Tacoma milkshakes before getting sick.

Listeria symptoms:

  • People who are not pregnant usually have a fever, muscle aches, and tiredness. They may also get a headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or seizures.
  • Those who are pregnant usually have a fever, muscle aches, and tiredness. However, Listeria can cause pregnancy loss or premature birth. It can also cause serious illness or death in newborns.

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