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Bloody Video Shows Chicago Officer Shoot Fellow Cop While Firing at Fleeing Car


Chicago, Illinois — On July 24, 2023, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) received a complaint for a trespassing incident in the area of 300 W. 56th Place. Chicago Police officers monitored the area through a Police Observation Device (POD) and observed a group of individuals in a cul-de-sac. Several Chicago Police Officers arrived in the area in four unmarked police vehicles. Upon their arrival, officers exited their vehicles to engage the group of individuals on foot as well as an individual driving a black sedan. While on foot, multiple officers attempted to engage the driver of the BMW sedan, as the vehicle attempted to leave the area, striking a police vehicle, and ultimately fleeing the scene. During this altercation, two officers discharged their firearms at the moving sedan.

Bodycam footage shows officers repeatedly ordering the man to pull over, but he continued to drive as many officers attempted to open the door. One officer, with his gun drawn and aimed at the BMW’s driver, yelled for his fellow officers to “watch for the crossfire” before firing three shots in the direction of the driver. The officer’s initial shot appeared to have struck another CPD officer in the left hand, who was attempting to open the car door. The BMW driver was able to flee, and officers on the scene swiftly called “10-1,” a police emergency, to report bullets fired by authorities. The gunshot seemed to strike the wounded officer’s middle and ring fingers, according to the video.


H/t: @shanermurph


The wounded officer crouched to the ground after being shot and noticed blood gushing from his hand. A tourniquet was quickly administered by another officer. The officer was quickly transported to UChicago Medicine, but not before several neighbors began insulting the officer who shot his colleague.

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