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Woman And Suspect Killed, Deputy Shot In Violent South Carolina Home Invasion



LEXINGTON, S.C. – On Wednesday morning, law enforcement officers in South Carolina fatally shot a man following a series of violent events. The man had broken into his ex-wife’s home, murdered her, and then proceeded to drive her car through the garage door before engaging in a shootout with the police, according to authorities.

During the incident in Lexington, one deputy sustained injuries from gunfire but is expected to recover, said Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon.

The incident unfolded around 1:30 a.m. when deputies responded to a call at the home of Jamal Walker’s ex-wife, where a 911 caller reported an attempted break-in, as detailed by Sheriff Koon during a press conference. Upon arrival, the officers heard gunshots and forced entry into the residence. One deputy was struck by gunfire, prompting the remaining officers to back away from the home.

Shortly thereafter, Walker used his ex-wife’s vehicle to crash through the garage door and fled from the location.

Lexington Police and state troopers joined the deputies in pursuing Walker, who fired at officers in an attempt to evade capture, Sheriff Koon said. Troopers successfully immobilized the vehicle by deflating its tires, leading to Walker exiting the car and opening fire on the officers. In response, law enforcement officers returned fire, ultimately ending Walker’s life.

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Jamal Walker, 39, had been divorced from his wife for approximately a year. During these events, their 9-year-old son was present in the home but escaped harm.


The sheriff disclosed that deputies had recently responded to reports of harassing phone calls at the residence, but the exact reason behind the sudden escalation of violence on Wednesday remains unclear.

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