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Nashville Airport Police Sergeant Arrested For Crazed ‘Neighborhood Disturbance’


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Hermitage, Tennessee – Anthony Thomas will be arrested on charges of felony vandalism, misdemeanor vandalism and attempted aggravated trespassing following his discharge from the hospital where he is being treated for lacerations and other injuries resulting from breaking windows and causing a disturbance in his neighborhood late Monday night.

Thomas, 48, was employed as a sergeant with Nashville International Airport Police. He has since been fired.

At 10:35 p.m. Monday, a resident on Brookmeadow Lane reported that someone was breaking out the windows of her home. At least five large windows were shattered on two sides of the house. The resident was alone, retreated into a bedroom closet and armed herself with a pistol. She accidently fired one shot. The bullet went through the wall of her home and into a neighbor’s house opposite from Thomas’ location. No one was hurt.

At 10:38 p.m., a resident on Remington Park Road reported that someone broke out a window and damaged a glass storm door before trying to enter the home through the front door. That resident fired two shots as the door began to open. No one was hit.

Hermitage Precinct officers arrived quickly and detained Thomas in a front yard. He was bleeding from his arms and face, was speaking erratically and may have been experiencing a mental crisis.

An AR-15 style rifle and ballistic armor were found on the roof of his home next to a shattered window. There was no indication that the gun had been fired.

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He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment.

BNA released this statement:

Today, we learned that an officer with the Nashville International Airport (BNA) Department of Public Safety was apprehended by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) for vandalism and breaking into several homes. He was not on duty at BNA at the time and is no longer employed by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority. Safety and security of our airports is our top priority at the Authority, and we will continue to work with MNPD as they investigate this incident.

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