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Woman Purchases Sex Doll That Resembles Her To Keep Up With Husband’s Libido


Char Grey and her husband, 28-year-old Callum, have gone viral on social media because of their “different” story and how they handle it.

Grey, from England, bought her husband a sex doll that looked like her in order to keep up with his libido. They say that the sex doll is even involved when they are being intimate.

Char stated that she loves that her husband has a high-sex drive, but when she’s not up to it, “he has the doll.”

The woman added that “Dee” isn’t just an inanimate doll but a “family member.” She says that Dee watches t.v. and takes long drives with them. Because of the doll, Char says that the intimacy between her and her husband is “on fire,” and their relationship has grown stronger.

The couple has been married for four years. Before buying the doll in June 2022, they had another sex toy that was like it, but it wasn’t getting the job done. Thus, they needed something more realistic. She also says she has never been envious of Dee.


“I never get jealous because there’s no emotion there. She’s not real, but she has definitely spiced things up. Callum has a higher sex drive, so it’s great that he has Dee when I don’t want to have sex.”

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Woman Purchases Sex Doll For Her Husband That Looks Just Like Her


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