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Man Charged With Murdering Woman After Confessing, ‘I Threw The B-Out The Window’


On Sunday, a man was ordered to be held in custody with no bond after authorities say that he threw a woman out of a fifth-floor window. The incident occurred last week, in Cook County, Illinois, and the man has confessed to the killing.

38-year-old Tyson Tillman was charged with first-degree murder. This was after Tabitha Tanner was discovered deceased in an alley, close to the 4500 block of North Magnolia Avenue. Camera surveillance footage caught parts of the incident, authorities say.

On Wednesday, at 10:09 pm, Tillman got to his apartment building with his girlfriend arriving 30 minutes later.

The girlfriend, who hasn’t been named nor was the victim, was seen walking back and forth for 10 minutes as seen on video. She had been arrested at first but isn’t facing any charges in the killing.

At about 10:59 p.m., video cameras in the alley captured a naked woman falling out a window, police state.

Tillman was seen on video leaving the apartment building in a red shirt after 10:59 p.m. Another video depicts him wearing the same shirt in the alley. He went over to the woman’s body and is seen going back inside the building at 11:11 p.m.

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Investigators questioned Tillman at the location. He first denied knowing what happened, then confessed.


Tanner’s body was found at 6:11 a.m., on Thursday morning. She was declared deceased at 6:30 a.m.

Tillman told police that the woman had come to his residence, and they got into a fight. He added that she fell out of the window, and her clothes had come off during the tussle.

While he was apprehended, body cam footage captured him admitting to the offense over the phone. He stated, “I threw the b—-out the window.”

The medical examiner found that Tanner died from the high fall. Her death was said to be homicide. She suffered a broken tibia, cuts to her body, and a cut through her heart as a result of the fall.

The connection between Tillman and Tanner isn’t clear at this time.

Tillman is set to appear in court again on Wednesday.

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Man Charged With Murdering Woman After Confessing, ‘I Threw The B—-Out The Window’

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