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Husband And Wife Arrested After Pregnant Woman And Fetus Are Discovered Dead In Two Separate Locations


On Thursday, a married couple was said to have kidnapped a pregnant woman after her body and her fetus were discovered in separate places in Missouri.

33-year-old Ashley Bush, from Benton County, Arkansas, seemed to have been shot and killed after answering to a job posting on Monday.

Bush had been 31 weeks pregnant and seems to have died from a gunshot injury. Authorities haven’t disclosed how the fetus was taken out of her body.

The two suspects have been identified as Amber and Jaime Waterman.

They were placed in the McDonald County Detention Center in Missouri on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping. This came after the sheriff’s office stated that they served a search warrant at a particular address.

A motive is unknown at this time.

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Authorities said that Bush went missing after talking online to someone named “Lucy.” They believe that person was really Amber Waterman. Bush had been searching for a job working from home. The two had met at a convenience store in Maysville, Arkansas. Then, Bush was supposed to be transported to a job interview 30 minutes away, in Bentonville.


Officials don’t believe that Bush ever arrived in Bentonville.

The fetus was discovered on Wednesday, and Bush was found on Thursday, both in Missouri.

Two counts of murder may come later as state law allows the charge in the homicide of a pregnant woman.

An investigation is continuing.

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Husband And Wife Arrested After Pregnant Woman And Fetus Are Discovered Dead In Two Separate Locations


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