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17 Year Old Texas Teen Charged With Murder After His Mother Was Discovered In The Trunk Of A Car He Was Operating


17-year-old Tyler Roenz, of Harris County, Texas, has been charged with killing his mother. She had been discovered strangled to death in the trunk of a vehicle he was operating, in Nebraska, days following the two disappearing.

Roenz has been charged as an adult with murder and tampering with evidence in the killing of 49-year-old Michelle Roenz.

On October 13, authorities in the city of Humble were contacted by Roenz’s spouse who stated that his wife and son had disappeared. He added that he wasn’t able to reach them on their cell phones, and their 2011 Mazda was nowhere to be found.

Court documents note that deputies discovered blood and what seemed to be human teeth in the family’s garage.

Harris County authorities say that A Clear Alert went out for the missing mother and son. This goes into effect when missing adults are thought to be in danger. Detectives learned that the missing vehicle had been spotted in Nebraska and notified the Nebraska State Police.

On October 14, officers in Nebraska located the missing car, close to Grand Island, and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. However, the driver sped off, later crashing after a high-speed pursuit.

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The teen was then located inside of the vehicle, and his mother was discovered in the trunk. He was transported to a medical facility for non-life threatening wounds.

Authorities later disclosed that Michelle Roenz died from strangulation blunt force trauma.

Her son is being held with the Nebraska State Police until he is extradited back to Texas.

There is no known motive for the killing at this time.

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17 Year Old Texas Teen Charged With Murder After His Mother Was Discovered In The Trunk Of A Car He Was Operating


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